Final Exam for Gemma and Lino


Our 10 month course culinary arts students Gemma and Lino had their final practical exam. Their task was to creatt a stunning three-course meal from a selection of selected ingredients utilizing different techniques, textures and flavors:

Lino came up with a Tomato Cream Soup with fresh basil followed by the entrée Poached Red Snapper over Spinach Gnocchi with Fish Cream Beurre Blanc, glazed Carrots and sautéed green beans. Both dishes were well cooked and plated.

The star with the judges was his dessert: Chocolate & Mint Bavarian Cream with Fresh Fruits.

Gemma did a Spinach Cream Soup w/ shrimp to start with. Main course was a Pork Tenderloin with Potato Gratin and Marsala Sauce. Desert was a Pineapple Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream. The Vanilla ice-cream was fresh made, as was the pie.

An equipment failure caused Gemma to change the game-plan in the last minutes before serving the dish, which she did perfectly presented her desert with a proud smile to the judges.

Both, Gemma and Lino, did a wonderful job and finished their Culinary Arts Course with the best performance they could show.

Congratulations to you and good success in your culinary and personal future.

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