Culinary Power Course

Culinary Power Course Dumaguete

This course is recommended for students with experience in the culinary industry and for newcomers alike. Experienced Students can refresh their Culinary Insights and can pick up fresh ideas and influences from our International Team of Instructors.

Newcomers receive an intensive overview of a chef`s basic as well as advanced techniques, skills and knowledge.

If you have only limited time available, or if you want to test out if the Culinary Industry suits you, this is the Course to go for.

Students Benefits:

  • International Standard Training Program at local level Tuition Fees
  • Training in an International Standard Environment with Professional Equipment
  • Training carried out by International renowned Chefs based from Europe and United States

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    • ingredients for Hands-On Trainings
    • School Shirt
    • School Apron
    • Student Hand-Outs
    • Food Tasting
    • DACA Certificate

Week 1 :

  • Food Fundamentals: Simple Meal Preparation, HACCP
  • Preparation of Egg Cookery
  • Preparation of Salad, Vegetables, Mushroom, etc.
  • Menu Cards
  • Kitchen job / Workplace Kitchen

Week 2 :

  • Works for the Magazine
  • Works for the Service
  • Preparing of Sauces and Soups
  • Preparing of Dough and Masses
  • Preparing of Plates for Cold Buffets


Week 3:

  • Italian Cuisine, Pizza, Homemade Pasta etc.
  • French Cuisine
  • Preparing of Appetizers
  • American Cuisine
  • Preparing of Basic Desserts

Week 4 :

  • Etiquette and Table Behavior
  • Salty Baking
  • Beverages (Wine and Glass)
  • Sweet Baking
  • Exam