Short Courses

Our short courses are designed for busy professionals. Improve your personal culinary skills and impress your family and friends with dishes which will blow them away, or learn the proper international dining etiquette to impress your business partners at the table.

All our admission fees are “all-inclusive packages” with no hidden fees. All used ingredients are always included.

All of our courses are ending with food tasting at our comfortable dining area.

Learn to prepare finger licking good puff pastry, yeast goods, cookies, cakes and desserts.

When making a shortcrust pastry, care must be taken to blend the fat and flour thoroughly.

Emphasis is placed on methods of preparation and baking techniques, quality of the finished product, and decoration and presentation techniques.

Healthy Cooking
Our evening course about Healthy Cooking focuses on Mediterranean Cuisine , Salads, Vegetarian Cuisine and Menu Planning for Healthy Diet

You will learn in five evening sessions that healthy food don’t need to be boring.

Emphasis is placed learning how to prepare food which is yummy and rich on nutritions

DACA-PastaThe flavors of Italy, France and Spain right in the heart of the Dumaguete Boulevard!

We take you on a culinary trip to Europe to experience the different cuisines of the old continent.

Learn about wine and cheese and even more important, taste everything

DACA-StudentA meat lovers delight!

Make delicious steaks from the world’s finest ingredients. Imported Wagyu Beef (Kobe Beef), Lamb, Ostrich, Salmon or White Marlin.

We prepare a 3 course menu with corresponding wines and colorful salads.

You learn to roast, grill or sear to perfection.

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