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Our Vision

DACA aims to provide one of the best culinary education in the country by inculcating in our students our core values of teamwork, respect for honest labor, responsiveness to society’s needs, and excellence in culinary innovation and food service management.


Our Philosophy

DACA seeks to foster individuality, creativity, and open-mindedness in the application of theoretical and practical food preparation skills. We believe that the investment of time and effort in the selection and preparation of high quality ingredients contributes directly to the nutritional value, appearance, taste, texture, aroma, and customer satisfaction thereby meeting or exceeding the standards of the industry.


Educational Goals

The goal of this program is to develop in the student the characteristics of a professional chef. The student will learn how to conduct oneself in a confident, professional and ethical manner. The philosophy of the DACA is to encourage the devotion of time and effort in the educational process.


Full Courses

The International Culinary Arts Diploma is a unique and innovative ladderized program specifically designed to prepare graduates for the international hospitality workplace.

It is a 10 months Culinary Programs. Read more…

Power Courses

This course is recommended for students with experience in the culinary industry and for newcomers alike.

Experienced Students can refresh their Culinary Insights and can pick up fresh ideas and influences from our International Team of Instructors.  RRead more…

Short Courses

DACA offers short courses from one day to a few weeks for small groups who want to expand their knowledge in a specific area of Culinary Arts. Organize your own group and contact us to work out your private Schedule.

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Face the Challenge

We introduce the student to international service standards, culture and award winning culinary performance while utilizing the student’s strengths and talents.

Develop Your Skills

We challenge the student to utilize their hospitality skills and question resort systems and practices to enhance existing processes.

Build Your Character

We encourage the student to apply creative solutions to obstacles that impede exceptional service.

DACA’s concept is leading in the Visayas and the Philippines

Office Hours

Our Office at DACA is open during regular office hours on school days.

Parking at DACA

DACA has ample parking space available. There is no problem to find a parking slot in walking distance if the own spaces are filled. However, we encourage to use public transportation and/or share a ride with other students.

Student Housing

While we don’t run own boarding houses, we a assisting our students on the search for appropriate accommodation in Dumaguete City.